Our Principles


We recognize our own limitations and seek the diverse experience of others to accomplish goals that lead to the fulfillment of our mission 


We work with a sense of efficiency to complete tasks in a simple and effective way to bring our mission to others. We work only on what’s essential. 


We seek a healthy work-life balance. Life is not always perfect. We utilize an 80/20 rule in order to align our work and life priorities and focus on the areas that are the most important for us to maintain a happy and healthy life. 


We seek to hold ourselves to the highest standards of moral and personal principals. We strive to do the right thing whenever possible and step-back when needed to assess our moral compass and intentions. 


We strive to build on ideas in a synergistic way that brings a diverse skill set to all that we do. Through collaboration we become one cohesive unit using multiple ideas, backgrounds, and strategies to build toward one goal: our mission.