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Tatro encourages unlimited play and creativity using magnetic magic to build scenes and move characters. Mix and match to create an endless world of play and bring fun home.

Our Story

Our Story
Tatro is a childhood vision brought to life. Tatro was created by Will Barrios the Founder of Tatro. When Will was a kid he wanted a toy that gave him the same unlimited depth of creative play as theater. At the age of 10 he found that play by creating what is now Tatro: a mix and match magnetic world of fun! Now, we bring Tatro to you as a toy for kids and adults to play with for hours. With multiple scene and character options we bring our founder's joy home to you. As we grow, we'll add more scene and character options for even more fun. Make Tatro a part of your family and create a world of magnetic play.

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We use the magic of magnets to create fun!

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We are a mission driven company dedicated to expression through play.

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Meet the makers behind Tatro. Find out more about us.

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